Infrared Saunas: 7 Tips

Saunas aid in Detoxification & Cleansing

A sauna is a small room or house with dry or wet heat. Traditional saunas issue wet heat, but we prefer the dry heat produced by an Infrared Sauna. The goal of an infrared sauna is to imitate the kind of heat you get radiating from the sun, which can have many benefits to your health if used correctly.

Whether it is a wet or dry sauna, the heat will increase your body temperature and allows you to sweat out toxins through your skin. This is how the heat of saunas help to cleanse or detox us. Traditional wet saunas lower the level of toxins in your sweat by about 3% while infrared saunas allow for about 20% to come out through your sweat. It is also a nice way to warm up after a long day of hiking, snowshoeing or strenuous tasks like shoveling snow and yard work.

Our Infrared Sauna


 7 Tips for effective sauna use

Tip #1: Drink lots of fluids before your session. Water, coconut water or a sports drink. Do not drink fluids with caffeine or sugar.

Tip#2: Take saunas in moderation and keep sessions to around 30 minutes.

Tip#3: Listen to your body and exit the sauna or take a break if you feel you need it.

Tip#4: Wear loose fitting clothing or as little as possible in a sauna.

Tip#5: Use your session to relax. Bring a book, meditate or enjoy music. Do not use electronics in a sauna.

Tip#6: Showering before a sauna helps prep your skin and increases circulation. A dry brush can also be helpful.

Tip#7: Showering in cooler water afterwards helps close pores and rid your skin of toxins in your sweat.


*We are curious what your experiences have been like in infrared saunas! Leave a comment if you have been in a sauna.