All About Sustainability

Go Green or Go Home.

Cabot Shores is a way for you to get off the grid to recharge your batteries. So we try to stay off it as much as possible. Cell coverage is almost non-existent, although we do have wireless. Also, our guests always seem eager to help reduce our carbon footprint by reusing towels and reducing waste as much as possible. For that, we thank each and every one.

Solar Energy Supply

Roughly 30% of our power is generated from solar energy.   Many of our yurts and domes are off grid and use solar lights.

There are 3 kinds of solar energy here at Cabot Shores. The first is photovoltaic solar energy (roof/ground panel installations). The power produced from this gets put back into the NS Power grid. The second is a solar hot water heater in our lodge. This mainly gets used to fill hot tubs and provide daily use hot water. The third is solar air. This is based outside of rooms 5 and 6 downstairs with the collectors inside the rooms. The register takes the cold air out of the rooms and puts it through the collector with a thermostat and blows hot air back into the lodge. Fun fact: The collector is made from pop and beer cans; a great use of recycled materials!

Local and Organic

For a local source of unprocessed food, we have an organic garden that gives us many of the fresh greens, herbs and other vegetables for our Bistro.

Many people, especially kids, love our Churt (Chicken Yurt) where we gather fresh eggs every morning and where they can enjoy feeding the chickens compost from the Bistro and grass clippings from the apple orchard.

We do our best to reduce the amount of waste we produce, and recycle and compost what we can.

Scent- and Fragrance-free

For the well-being of staff & guests, Cabot Shores aspires to be fragrance-free. For this reason we ask our guests to refrain from wearing perfume and other synthetic fragrances and we provide our guests with organic lavender shampoo and organic mint body wash.

Listed as 1 of 5 Quirky Stays On The East Coast of Canada

"A tree top village with Smurf-like domes rising out of the forest and Mongolian yurts in Nova Scotia? Indeed! Cabot Shores on Cape Breton Island entices you to embrace your nomadic roots and connect to nature. You can stay in one of the colourful yurts or opt for a geodesic dome raised up off the ground. Take in the lake views and the Atlantic waters on both sides, while the smell of cedar fills the air. Be sure to have your camera ready to snap a moose photo (they love it there)."

~ North American Traveler

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"Perfect Spot For Us"

There is evidence of ecological conservation as guests are encouraged to recycle and compost as much as possible. Environmentally gentle soaps / shampoos are provided which were great too.

~ Marla, New York

"The Most Wonderful Stay"

Beautiful location with so many wonderful aspects of nature you don't normally get anywhere else. I could not have asked for anywhere better to stay when visiting Cape Breton.

~ Stanley, Vancouver

"Filled with Natural Experience and Energy"

We appreciated how their ecological and sustainable philosophy has created this unique, friendly and kind environment. May it continue to be enjoyed by many in the future! Cape Breton at it's finest!

~ TripAdvisor Member

"Well Done Cabot Shores"

Being from Nova Scotia ourselves, we sometimes overlook the opportunities that are available in our own backyard. Cabot Shores offers a very unique take on relaxation and peacefulness.

~ Boliver, Halifax