Experience Cabot Shores and the Cabot Trail

An Adventure a Day – from Mild to Wild

Cabot Shores is not just a place to stay, it is an experience! Our activities and adventures range from mild to wild and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While there are many nearby places that could satisfy even the most adventurous guests, we also have something for those looking to relax and just enjoy the quiet sounds of Cape Breton Island and the Atlantic Ocean.


Like the outdoors? There's lots to do at Cabot Shores from kayaking and swimming, to hiking and cider making. Looking to relax inside? Read, play a board game or play ping pong in Whiff's Lodge.




Enjoy morning meditation and Qi Gong, acupuncture, yoga, infrared sauna, and hot tubs. Come relax with us!




Want to know more about whale and puffins tours, local artisans or events happening near by?



Music & Culture

If you come to Cape Breton, you need to understand the word Ceilidh. First off, it’s pronounced Kay-lee, and it’s a social event featuring Scottish or Irish folk music. Cape Breton is famous for them. And at Cabot Shores, we’ve been known to whoop it up with the best of them. Our instruments are always ready for an impromptu jam session, and our stage has featured many award-winning musicians from all over. Consider this your invitation to join us.

"Had a Wonderful Time"

Loved the canoes. The children really enjoyed the trails. Can't wait to come back.

~ Joy, Nova Scotia

"An Experience"

Our family of 4 took the wee ferry over to the sea and made dinner and smores over a fire we made together. More adventure when we return...see you soon Cabot Shores!!

~ Lula

"We Can't Wait to Come Back"

Between guided morning meditation, great coffee and breakfast, private hot tubs overlooking the Atlantic, recommendations for stunning local hikes from Barbara, the location and the view, we couldn't have imagined a better experience in Cape Breton.

~ Emily, Halifax

"Improv Jam Sessions"

The grounds are beautiful. I was in a tent during my stay, our campsite was right beside a Brook. In the lodge area there was a stage with lots of instruments, and a few improv jam sessions took place

~ Nikki, Nova Scotia