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Cabot Shores is a part of us. It is a reflection of who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe in as people. Come and enjoy it with us. We surround our guests with amazing people who share our love of life. Here are some of the wonderful people you’ll meet at Cabot Shores.

The Owners

Hi, I’m Paul. My wife, Barbara, and I own Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort and Retreat. We created our little oasis in Cape Breton as a getaway for adventurers, because we’re adventurers ourselves. This is our playground, and we invite like-minded people of all ages to come enjoy it.

Years ago, we were visiting friends in the area and they took us on a hiking trek through the wilderness to Indian Brook Falls. If you haven’t experienced them, it’s a must-see. As we stood on the rocks above the falls and listened to the cascading water, we knew we had found our home.

Our Humble Beginning

It wasn’t long before we were standing among the trees of 55 acres right on the water of St. Ann’s Bay. We built Whiff’s Lodge (named after my father) as a home for people with a true sense of adventure. From there, we built our beautiful chalets and slowly added the yurts and domes.

Every day, we love when our guests wake up to watch the sun rise over the Bird Islands, and gasp when bald eagles fly overhead to hunt for fish off Eagle Feather beach. Or they see a log in the river suddenly move only to realize it’s our resident beaver.

Our Purpose

For many, Cabot Shores becomes a home base on Cape Breton and a way to connect with each other and with nature. It is a way for guests to get off the grid, disconnect from technology, and recharge their batteries. The mission of Cabot Shores is to help guests, staff, partners and the greater community to create and to experience outstanding adventures along the Cabot Trail and around Cape Breton.

Because Barbara and I are very active people, we have filled Cabot Shores with the things we enjoy most. Kayaking and canoeing are a must for us, so we have plenty of them here ready to go for anyone who wants to use them. A guest introduced us to Stand Up Paddling (SUP) on a Yolo board. We fell in love with it and bought a couple so everyone can discover the same excitement. We’ve cleared many hiking trails to some very exotic locations you just can’t find anywhere else. A word to the wise: keep an eye out for moose. They’re amazing to see, but please keep your distance.

Our Team

None of this would be possible without an amazing team to support it all. At Cabot Shores, we make sure to surround ourselves with amazing people to work with. Each staff member gives her or his best to make sure guests have a rewarding experience at Cabot Shores and around Cape Breton Island.

Want to be part of the Cabot Shores Experience? We are always seeking for people to join our wonderful team.

Cosmo, Official Greeter

Once you meet our official four-legged greeter, you’ll have a best friend for life. Cosmo is more than happy to join you on a hike, a swim in the river, or paddle on a Yolo board or canoe. He’s also the reason we’re a pet-friendly resort. Because it’s not really a vacation if you have to leave a member of the family behind!

Rated One of the Coolest Places to Go Glamping in Canada

"From fully furnished chalets to geodesic domes and yurts, there is an accommodation for every type of camper here. But one of the coolest on offer? The Treetop Village, which is composed of geodesic domes on high stilts so you can sleep among the trees. Each dome offers something different — breathtaking views of the Atlantic, famous views of the full moon and stars. Don’t forget to visit the private beach while you’re there, too."

~ Chatelaine

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"Our Stay Was Excellent"

Paul, our host was in contact with us right after booking to inform us the dome maybe too cold for the time that we were visiting and quickly moved us to a Yurt. On arrival the staff were all friendly and had numerous suggestions on things to do and see in the area.

~ Manvir, Vancouver

"Wonderful Stay!"

Such a beautiful location. The staff were extremely kind and accommodating and helped us plan our day trips. Definitely returning!

~ Emma, Halifax

"Very Cool Accommodations"

Paul and his staff are very committed to your happiness. We loved Paul and he made our trip. He is genuinely interested in his guests. I would definitely recommend staying with Paul.

~ Alex, Massachusetts

"Very Unique Experience"

Had a jam on stage and sang a few tunes, and also got to hear Paul and his wife play a few songs as well which was great! Very unique experience, oh and the chef is amazzzzzzinng!

~ Holly, Hamilton

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