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Introduction to Cabot Shores' Blog

Enjoy a series of blogs by the Cabot Shores team featuring recipes, do it yourself tips, stories and guides to outdoor adventure and what is new on Cape Breton.

Join the conversation on the Cabot Shores blog! Cape Breton Island is a special place and we want to know what adventures, events, wildlife, art, music, even which stories around the camp fire engage you the most. Write to tell us what interests you most.

Winter Holidays: An aerial view of Cabot Shores in winter.

Unforgettable Winter Holidays at Cabot Shores

This year, experience the winter holidays like never before at Cabot Shores. Whether it’s a family Christmas or a New Year’s celebration among friends, our extraordinary accommodations offer a new way to make everlasting memories. Escape the holidays’ bustle and relax in a tranquil mountain setting on Cape Breton Island! 7 Unique Lodgings Home is …

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A senior couple smiles at each other as the walk around a snow-covered forest during a Nova Scotia winter getaway.

A Classic Nova Scotia Winter Getaway on Cape Breton Island

Something we’ve grown accustomed to on Cape Breton Island is embracing winter. And with only a few weeks until the snow falls, a classic Nova Scotia winter getaway is likely on the horizon for many. Although there are several decent places throughout the province, discerning travelers will say Cape Breton offers a coastal allure you’ll want to experience in winter. Whether snowshoeing on the trails at Cabot Shores or cross-country skiing amid snow-packed backcountry, our cherished isle boasts an endless array of outdoor activities.

A pile of apples used for cider-making in the fall.

Making Nova Scotia Cider at Cabot Shores

Fall is in full swing, so it’s time to taste the tangy sweetness of Nova Scotia cider! The refreshing coastal breeze and the transformative scenery offer an ideal backdrop for various seasonal pursuits. Among these, one truly embodies the essence of Nova Scotia—crafting cider. Nova Scotia cider is a significant attraction for those seeking a …

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Three images that exemplify a Cape Breton Thanksgiving at Cabot Shores.

A Cape Breton Thanksgiving Feast at Cabot Shores

Traditions are important, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try something different, like a Cape Breton Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving at Cabot Shores offers friends and family an opportunity to experience a new approach to the holiday amid tranquil nature and a festive atmosphere. Not only can you and your crew enjoy a lovely dinner together, you may even make new friends along the way. And even if you can’t bring yourself to break tradition or have already made plans for the special occasion, you may want to consider picking up some gift certificates for your loved ones for Christmas.

Shaily Yoga Poster

Weekend Yoga Sessions with Shaily at Cabot Shores #8

Cabot Shores invites you to experience a healthier lifestyle by joining the rejuvenating yoga sessions every Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 9 am, sponsored by Good Health Festival Society, a non-profit organization. About practitioner: Shaily is a dedicated and highly skilled yoga practitioner who has earned the prestigious certification of a 500-hour Yoga …

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