Let’s Cook and Eat Outside

It's Summer Time!

Be part of the foodie experiences with our delicious all you can eat food over a fire. Our cookouts are a great opportunity to meet Cabot Shores' staff and connect with fellow travelers.

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Pizza Oven

Our Wood Fired Pizza Oven is a favorite among our guests. It was built from fire brick and local clay. After it was constructed, a chimney was added and a metal roof to protect it from the fury of the winter weather and sea winds at Cabot Shores.

Many guests have been delighted by the process of making “personalized” toppings and tasting the unique, smokey flavor of the wood fired pizzas. Toppings include various sauces, cheeses, meats and vegetables from our very own organic garden.

BBQ Cookout

One thing is for sure, you won’t starve at our cookout! With delicious homemade burgers of meat and vegetarian patties, homemade buns, chicken, many toppings and a variety of salads; we have something for everyone.

For dessert you can look forward to "Cabot Smores". They are delicious and so fun to make! The best dessert you can wish for on a warm summer evening in front of a bonfire.

(Only Available for Groups on Request)

"An Experience"

Impromptu music in the Lodge, seeing a moose on the Skyline Trail, sunrise on the yurt deck , awesome food, the cookout, our family of 4 taking the wee ferry over to the sea and making dinner and smores over a fire we made together.

~ Lula, Pennsylvania

"Wonderful Outdoor Experience"

We were warmly welcomed on our first day to a wonderful cookout. The relaxed atmosphere was just what we needed.

~ Branta, Vancouver

"Pure Hospitality and Nature"

There is a cook out on Mondays (kind of a meet and greet) and Paul is on the grill serving up hotdogs, burgers and veggie burgers, salads and such!! Great way to meet your fellow campers!

~ Lenny K., Florida

"Great Place"

Really chill place - off grid in beautiful surroundings and lovely staff. We joined one of the owners - Barbara for a morning meditation session in a nice little meditation hut. Also had a great cook out with loads of other campers

~ Feeto, United Kingdom

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