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Fall Newsletter 2011

Hello again from Dr. Paul and Barbara,Did you have an Adventure this November? We sure did- a few actually….read all about by clicking on the following link Fall Newsletter.
Last issue I spoke of gifts and the holidays coming and as Sara showed me the Fall Newsletter, I realized gifts come in different packages…and I realize that at Cabot Shores a real big gift is the people who come from all over…
And once in a while, you meet people who, in the course of pursuing adventures here, become heroes.
So in this Fall newsletter, you’ll meet a few of my heroes (or […]

October Newsletter 2011

Did you enjoy your stay with us? We’ve had so many wonderful guests
visit with us this past season and we’d love if everyone would share their own
Cabot Shores adventures with our future potential guests?
You can help us out by heading to or write a review today!————————————–
Want to keep on the up & up with what’s going on in Cape Breton &
at Cabot Shores? Keep an eye out for accommodation specials, events and much
more by following our Twitter account:@cabotshores——————————————–
Our Facebook Page  is another great […]

Cabot Shores Newsletter for September 2011

Dr. Paul’s An Adventure a Day~Mild to Wild~
               Lobster Fishing with Charlie Boorman & Captain Mac Innis
Imagine being the star in an adventure movie.
A producer puts together the right team and the director makes it all work on the screen.
But it’s you doing the adventures–some are mild, some are wild, but as English TV adventurer, travel writer and actor Charley Boorman said to me on a lobster boat this summer at 4:40am: “get involved in the adventure.”
Russ Malkin directs Charlie and two amazing videographers (Mungo and Jessel) filming a series called Extreme Frontiers Canada for Channel 5 UK & Disney Discovery […]

75th Anniversary of Cape Breton Highlands Park

2011 is the 75th Anniversary of the Cape Highlands Park.
Hikers can honor the Park and the anniverary by hiking 75 km on
park trails between May and July, 2011.  By doing so, you can
receive a 75th birthday commemorative prize from the park.
Have at it.
Hiking trails and exhibits are now open.  The park has amazingly
well kept trails, interesting wildlife and is home to the Cabot Trail
which winds through it.
At Cabot Shores we have maps of the Cape Breton Highlands Park
and can make recommendations based on your interest and hiking
appetites.  Our Indian Brook and French river trails are also part of
the Highlands, but […]

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