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Fall Newsletter 2011

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Hello again from Dr. Paul and Barbara,Did you have an Adventure this November? We sure did- a few actually….read all about by clicking on the following link Fall Newsletter.

Last issue I spoke of gifts and the holidays coming and as Sara showed me the Fall Newsletter, I realized gifts come in different packages…and I realize that at Cabot Shores a real big gift is the people who come from all over…

And once in a while, you meet people who, in the course of pursuing adventures here, become heroes.

So in this Fall newsletter, you’ll meet a few of my heroes (or heroines)…

Who are they?

Some of them are kids and parents who got real creative around Halloween fun and wood fired pizza. And some others are the women of BCANS. One volunteer, Gwen, is in Nova Scotia, as part of the military. “I volunteered for BCANS because I want to be around strong and courageous women.”

That summarizes who these women are. You’ll see some on the next page and read their words.

What makes them heroes to me is their will to survive, their zest for life and their enthusiasm, about each adventure they experienced at their retreat–doing Yoga next to a Tipi, hiking the Red Island Trail, accepting needles in group acupuncture with Barbara (“first time I’ve slept through the night in a long time, ” said Velvet who manages several Robins’ Shops around Sydney)

To quote another hero of mine, author and adventure Mark McMahon, they “live their adventure”. Their attitude toward life is “bring it on”. And you”ll find more about them and Fall at Cabot Shores by clicking here.

All the best,

Dr.Paul and Barbara

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