Winter comes early this year

I’m eating my words (and kale) these days- after telling everyone who wants to know what Cape Breton winters are like, “oh, the real snow doesn’t come until the 2nd or 3rd week in January….we pick greens from the garden at Christmastime” – and everyone is impressed.  Not so this time.

I just harvested the last of the kale, or more like frozen kale chips from under more than a foot of snow. I’ve been reluctant to pick it “early” (it tastes so much better fresh than frozen) but with another foot forecast for tonight, I had to get at it, particularly since our son, who has a kale-shake for breakfast every morning, is due to arrive in a few days.

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I actually needed to wear my snow shoes to get at the kale! And warm gloves….

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But it was worth it!

Meanwhile, we’re sprouting for real fresh greens…..




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