Attend or Hold A Retreat At Cabot Shores

Cabot Shores Fall Wellness Retreat is where

"Nurture Meets Nature & Adventure"

Cabot Shores is happy to host the Fall Wellness Retreat.   From accommodations to meals to wellness or adventures, you can pick from a wide range of options. Here’s what we have to offer – and what makes us different. You can sign up here depending on whether you want single, double or multiple occupancy, or call 902 929 2584  questions.

When:  November 25--November 27

Where: Cabot Shores on the Cabot Trail at Indian Brook, Cape Breton Island

Who: Friends, Couples, Groups...some childcare and activities available aged 3 and over

What: Reconnect Relax Recharge

Why Nurture ?

Cape Breton and worldwide guests are still recovering from Covid losses and more recently from Hurricane Fiona.

Self-care is a radical act. It's not obvious or easy.  For those of us who provide services--whether as a parent,  student, worker or for something you believe in--it's often a challenge to take time for yourself.  Reminds me of instructions on an airplane to get your oxygen mask before helping others.  Otherwise, you may not be helpful at all.

Do you get to the point where it's time to take a deep breadth, and stop doing for others?  Some time to recover from the ongoing stress of covid, hurricane Fiona or just the day to day.

A member of our staff identifies the "Nurture Yourself" as the 3 R's

….Reconnect , Relax & Recharge....

Sometimes it takes folks a few hours to recover and arrive here fully and to relax.

It hard to describe the nurture part but you'll feel it and we will share various ways to develop nurturing patterns for ourselves and others.

Some of the experiences include:


  • Traditional Welcome & Cleansing by Mi'kmaq Elder
  • Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation
  • Guided Hikes
  • Introduction to Auricular Acupuncture and Reiki
  • Live  Music --Concert & Music Jam,
  • Art Journeys in Nature
  • Hot tubs, InfraRed & Barrel Saunas
  • Unique lodging in yurts, chalets & tiny house along the Atlantic & Cabot Trail
  • Delicious food and snacks
  • Fires

Its all about having a great experience which are being offered by various activities, food and people at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort and Retreat Center.

Depending on the season, few things might be added or removed but The Wellness Retreat will provide your choice of  the experiences listed above.

In Nature

Cabot Shores Wilderness area along Indian Brook and the Atlantic and Church Pond is a very special and powerful place, as you can see on the ground and from the air

You may see eagles flying overhead or sitting on trees
along Eagle Feather Beach.....

eagles at Cabot Shores
Eagle Feather Beach Eagles

A film crew (CoraxFilms) spent time on Eagle Feather Beach and captured shots of eagles feeding right after Hurricane Fiona.

Surnise above Eagle Feather Beach
Surnise above Eagle Feather Beach




or Walk along paths at Cabot Shores and see a sunrise just above the beach

Stargazing from a hot tub
Hot Tub Under The Stars




and Stargaze from the privacy of a cozy hot tub near your yurt with forest views.

hot tub is a large tub full of water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure. Some have powerful jets for massage purposes. Hot tubs are sometimes also known as "spas" or by the trade name Jacuzzi, while Cabot Shores features some hot tubs made of cedar as well as traditonal hot tubs with jets depending on your lodging.

Adventures (Mild to Wild)

  • Stay in a Mongolian yurt

What’s a yurt (or ger)?
A yurt or ger is the home of the Mongolian nomads. Its history dates back thousands of years. Our beautiful yurts are sustainable, leaving no footprint and comprise organic material like felt insulation and horse hair ropes. - From Groovy Yurts

...Hike the Red Island Trail along the Bearchois River, St. Ann's Bay & Macdonald Pond

Red Island Trail 2 Red Island Trail

...Canoe or kayak n or SUP along Church Pond or up Indian Brook

fall kayaks canoes for retreats

Offerings  (Is it about Being or Doing?)

How can you do so much in one weekend?  Really it's a bit of choosing what you'd like to attend that speaks to you. There are definite times and classes but it isn't structured like school.

There is a structure for you if you wish one and you can also be spontaneous, just being here and making sure you get some time to relax and recharge.

It is really about being fully here and also having fun.

You'll find your own path.

or call 902-929-2584 to know more about Wellness Retreats!

Would you like to organize a retreat or special event at Cabot Shores?

Cabot Shores is happy to help you create the your one-of-a-kind retreat, family reunion, birthday party, and more!

"Thanks for everything"

Cabot Shores has created a wonderful environment for retreat programs. I felt totally supported in my practice by the natural environment, the accommodation and the beautiful nourishing food.

~ Miranda Cobb, Halifax

"A Retreat for the soul"

I have been here four times now and can't wait to return again. There is something about Cabot Shores that is sacred.

~ Barbara, Halifax

"Relaxing Wonderful Hideaway"

I just got home from a weekend Retreat at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort. If you are looking for a hideaway, a wonderful place to reconnect with your kids, a romantic getaway, a wedding or a meeting place for your office staff retreat...this is the place.

~ Mairhair , Cape Breton Island

"Cabot Shores really pulled through for us"

 They were able to accommodate a multitude of dietary restrictions, and still provide quality, healthy, and delicious meals. Whether you are looking for a home away from home, or to get away from it all. There is something there for you.

~ Becky, Nova Scotia

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