Wellness Retreat Reservation

Cabot Shores' Retreats fill up fast and there are some benefits to  reserving your spots in terms of getting your preferred lodging through an early Signup.

A number of elements make up the Retreat package--guided walks and adventures, wellness activities, a strong connection with nature, delicious food often locally grown and harvested.  What makes the difference in your fees is the lodging which is done on a first come/first serve basis.


You can sign up for shared or non-shared occupancy below for the Fall Wellness Retreat--"Nurture Meets Nature & Adventure":

Wellness Retreat Nov.25-27 (Non-Shared Occupancy) is available in  lodge rooms 1 2, 3 and small yurts like little blue, little orange, little sky and little red)--depending on availability. (Total $325 inc. tax and fee per person/night.)

Wellness Retreat Nov.25-27 (Shared Occupancy) is in large yurts, rooms 5 and 6 in the lodge, private bedrooms in chalets, large yurts (Cedar, Forest, White Moon, Big Sky Blue, Big Red (Total $256 inc. tax and fee per person/night.)

Package Highlights:

  • Domes or Big Yurts with woodstove and firepits, small yurts with electric heater and firepit.
  • Hot tub on the deck or nearby.
  • Barrel Sauna on sauna deck with a changing room or Infrared Sauna in the Common Room of the Lodge.
  • 3 meals (Brekafast, lunch and Dinner) a day will be served in the Dining Hall at Cabot Shores Bistro.
  • Other activities will be in the Event Space upstairs in event building, through the Blue Door.

Payment Information

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