Watching Moose and Eagles at Sunrise

CS_Blog_Moose 12.14

There are many benefits to rising early in the morning and getting a peaceful, quiet start to your day. At Cabot Shores we look forward to the sun rising over the ocean, illuminating the Bird Islands and casting beautiful pink and purple color across the sky. Another reason to get up early is to watch the wildlife, such as moose and eagles, as they search for food and greet the morning light.

CS_Blog_Moose2 12.14

For the last week, a young bull moose has been visiting Cabot Shores each morning. He walks across the Indian Brook, through our orchard and is often found grazing down by the beach. While maintaining a safe distance from the moose, we have been lucky to capture him in photos during his early morning routine. We hope you enjoy them and when visiting, capture many of your own.





CS_Blog_Moose3 12.14

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