Greetings from the Garden

Every summer here at Cabot Shores we make a point to grow our own organic produce for guests and staff to enjoy! Our volunteers have been busy getting their hands dirty so that everyone can dig in to what the garden has to offer! If you would like to experience just how delicious our homegrown veggies are, consider dining with us and trying one of the many delightful dishes offered at our Bistro!

Curious About What We’ve Been Growing? ‘Lettuce’ Show You!

Lettuce •  Kale •  Arugula •  Swiss Chard •  Beet Tops •  Peas •  Beans •  Garlic • Tomatoes •  Cucumber •  Squash •  Mushrooms •  Nasturtiums •  Various Herbs •  Calendula

Fun Fact: We collect seaweed from our Eagle Feather Beach to use as a natural mulch to keep in the moisture and keep the weeds and pests away! Learn more about it HERE.