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Crisp Air and Sweet Cider: Cape Breton in Fall

Cape Breton in fall is usually a time to take in the foliage. Unfortunately, Hurricane Fiona all but swept the beautiful display away. But thankfully, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy our beloved island this autumn. For example, one of Nova Scotia’s most rewarding pastimes is cider-making. We love it so much that Cabot Shores has a travel package dedicated to this unique hobby.

Apples to Cider in Nova Scotia

Cider-making is a cultural endeavor many outdoor enthusiasts should try. Not only does it give you another reason to pick delectable apples, but you’ll also learn a valuable skill along the way. And at Cabot Shores, we have an onsite orchard, so you won’t have to travel far or deal with hauling apples around. 

What to Expect From Your Nova Scotia Cider-Making Experience

A joyous woman holds up a handful of delectable apples to make into Nova Scotia cider.

Cider-making at Cabot Shores is one of our many unforgettable Cape Breton experiences. You spend three days and two nights amid scenic beauty and idyllic wilderness. We’ll provide dinner for two each night and a healthy breakfast every morning. We’ll teach you how to use the cider press, and you’ll be able to take some of this delicious beverage home with you. Just be sure to bring enough bottles with you to store it!

Fall in Love with Cape Breton Island at Cabot Shores

Fall may be in full swing, but there is still time to make the most of it on Cape Breton! In addition to a unique lodging experience with an excellent collection of yurts, domes, cabins, and lodge rooms, discerning travelers will undoubtedly appreciate our onsite wellness services and eclectic culinary offerings. So if you’re looking for something more than a bunch of rooms on the trail where you can connect with nature, reach out to us online or call 902-929-2584 to learn more!

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