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5 Beautiful Cape Breton Waterfalls near Cabot Shores

As one of our favorite activities, hiking aways seems to be a topic of interest for Cabot Shores’ guests. Of course, there are numerous reasons why hiking is so popular on Cape Breton, from getting good exercise to connecting with nature. Among the compelling motives for exploring the various trails, several nearby waterfalls offer an intriguing opportunity for an immersive adventure. Here, we’ll uncover five excellent options to visit during your stay.

Discover Natural Beauty With These Cape Breton Waterfalls

Cape Breton boasts over two dozen captivating waterfalls, each with its own unique charm. While some waterfalls along the Cabot Trail offer rugged and serene journeys, others captivate visitors with breathtaking beauty. When you’re not indulging in chalet relaxation, paddling on Church Pond, or savoring gourmet cuisine from Cabot Shores Bistro, immerse yourself in nature’s embrace and seek out some of Nova Scotia’s best waterfalls.

North River Falls 

The trail to North River Falls is a relatively long 18 km out-and-back hike that rewards patrons with views of one of the most idyllic Cape Breton waterfalls. Located in North River Wilderness Area, you’ll want to head in that direction and turn onto Oregon Road from the Cabot Trail. The trail can sometimes be inaccessible in the spring, so you’ll want to check the conditions before venturing onsite. You’ll find an inviting swimming hole and a raging brook upon arrival.

Still Brook Falls and Black Brook Beach

Also located within Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Still Brook Falls and Black Brook Beach offer a refreshing coastal adventure with a waterfall flowing into the Atlantic. The short walk along the beach provides access to amenities like picnic areas, restrooms, and benches for scenic views. Visitors can swim in the ocean’s salty waters and rinse off under a small freshwater waterfall nearby. The site is conveniently situated near the Coastal Trail and Jack Pine Trail entrances.

Uisge Ban Falls

You can discover the mesmerizing Uisge Ban Falls via a 2.8 km trail cutting through a hardwood forest adorned with maple, birch, and beech trees. This scenic waterfall is located near downtown Baddeck and makes for an ideal afternoon exploration. The trail takes approximately an hour to complete, promising a rewarding adventure for visitors. According to All Trails, “As of summer 2023, a road over a bridge leading to this trailhead is closed indefinitely, but the trail itself is open.” So, use your best judgment. 

Egypt Falls

A two-tier cascading waterfall between the Margaree River and Lake Ainslie, Egypt Falls, also known as Piper’s Glen. It offers an idyllic setting for swimming, relaxation, and picnicking amid nature’s beauty. This short yet challenging loop is less than a quarter of a kilometer and takes about 40 minutes to finish. The trail is directly adjacent to private property, yet the owners have been gracious enough to add an easement that allows visitors to enjoy the wilderness. Please be respectful of their land by staying on the trail.

Indian Brook Falls

Accessible via our onsite hiking trail on the northwest side, the Indian Brook Falls trail meanders alongside the brook, offering delightful swimming holes and wild strawberry patches along the way. Adventurous visitors may opt to canoe or kayak until the water becomes too shallow or the rocks too slippery. Some choose to swim a portion of the trail. At Church Pond, a small lake fed by Indian Brook at Cabot Shores, eagle sightings are common, often with fish in their talons for their young. The round trip duration averages 4-5 hours, depending on how immersed you become with your surroundings.

Cape Breton Glamping Accommodations on the Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail Accommodations: An aerial view of a geodesic dome for glamping on Cape Breton Island.

After exploring these must-visit Cape Breton waterfalls, retreat to Cabot Shores for an unforgettable stay. Our award-winning coastal retreat offers the ultimate wilderness with a dash of rustic luxury. Choose from various accommodations, including unique yurts and geodesic domes, offering a quintessential glamping experience. With adventure, exploration, and relaxation front and center, there’s something for everyone. Check out our seasonal packages and book your stay today!

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