Basic Health

Have you ever participated in a hike, a yoga class, or taken a run, starting out feeling low-energy and a bit dispirited, only find yourself full of energy and clear-minded after the activity…..?
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…..And wondered, where did this new-found energy and clear mind come from?

Certainly not from outside.  Somehow you discovered it inside of you and brought it up to where you now can put it to use in your life.

Congratulations, you have just connected with basic health inside of you!

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This health is always present and available, no matter what else is going on in your life – whether sickness, depression, anxiety or stress.

How does one access this basic healthiness when at times it feels so absent?

In my experience, and from what I’ve observed in others, this is a very active and personal process.  It’s a process of engaging and reaching inside – it’s a kind of re-training of the mind and body.

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Morning Walk
How might this process work?
It can work in many different ways.  For some it may be a regular yoga practice, or a brief daily mindfulness  mediation session.  Perhaps for you it’s taking a regular swim, or a short morning walk.  For others it may involve playing an instrument or singing in a choir.

You get to be creative with this, experiment, see what works for you.

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morning paddle

Another observations – while engaging in this way on your own is one thing, doing so as part of a group is quite another.   A group of people engaging in an activity such as the ones mentioned above, seems to generate even more energy, more momentum, more uplift that in turn creates more benefit for the members in the group and beyond.  Try it out some time and let me know what you find.

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Community Snow Shoe hike


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