Wheelchair Accessible Cottage/Chalet on Cape Breton

The Tan Chalet  at Cabot Shores is  wheelchair accessible, designed with you in mind. 

There is a ramp, the doors are wide and there is clearance within the downstairs kitchen/dining room/living room.
The bathroom has a roll in shower.

The living room has a magnificent patio door offering a panoramic view of Church Pond,
the beach, the Atlantic and the Bird Islands.

There are paths from your parking space right next to the Tan Chalet, between the chalets and
over to Whiff’s Lodge.

You will also find entry to our main lodge and its Bistro wheelchair accessible, so that as you motor
over to the lodge, you can enter up a ramp.

Here are some more pictures of the Tan chalet…


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                            Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room

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