Maritime Memories | Whale Watching on Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island is a nature lover’s paradise with seemingly endless outdoor activities and sprawling wilderness habitat. It’s almost as if there isn’t anything you can’t do on this beloved isle. And while the island’s interior is well-known for its many eco-tourism opportunities, such as the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton also offers some of the best whale watching in Nova Scotia, if not Canada! Seeing these behemoth marine mammals in their natural environment is something you’ll never forget. And to give you a few options for your visit to Cabot Shores, we’ll share three fantastic whale watching tours near the resort that are more than worthy of consideration.

Keltic Express Zodiac Adventures Ingonish

Less than an hour’s drive from Cabot Shores, Keltic Express Zodiac Advenures Ingonish boasts one of the highest success rates in Atlantic Canada for whale watching, with over 95 percent! The most common whale sightings include fin, minke, humpbacks, and pilot whales. You’ll also have a chance to see other marine and coastal animals like dolphins, seals, and puffins. On your way back to the resort, explore the Ingonish area and Broad Cove Beach, part of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. You may even spot some whales from shore!

Dixon’s Zodiac Seafari

Dixon’s Zodiac Seafari is just over an hour from Cabot Shores in the fishing village of Neil’s Harbour. Make yourself comfortable onboard their “733 Hurricane” zodiac boat, which the Canadian Coast Guard also uses, so you know it’s safe! This two-hour whale watching tour aims to put you up close and personal with a myriad of Cape Breton’s seafaring mammals. And if you go during the first part of August, you could see iconic leatherback turtles as they scour the ocean for jellyfish.

Oshan Whale Watch

Since 1998, Oshan Whale Watch has given visitors and locals alike a taste of the seafaring life with whale watching tours amid Cape Breton’s most remote coastal waters. Pilot whales and Atlantic white-sided dolphins are a common sight. Not to mention frequent sightings of minke whales along with the occasional fin and humpback whale. You’ll also snag a glimpse of several seals and unique coastal birds. The Bay St. Lawrence area is one of Cape Breton’s many captivating scenic destinations.

Cabot Trail Accommodations | Cottage Rentals Nova Scotia

If what we shared above isn’t quite what you’re looking for, check out these other Cape Breton whale-watching outfitters. Part of what makes Cabot Shores such a desirable landing spot is the ease at which you can navigate to and from various fascinating attractions, landmarks, and tours. And whether you want a cottage rental, dome camping, standard camping, a yurt, and more, we’ll have you covered with several Cabot Trail accommodations. To find out more or book your stay, please book with us online or call 866-929-2584 today!