The 10 Prettiest Waterfalls on Cape Breton Island

There are over two dozen well-documented waterfalls on Cape Breton Island, each one with its own distinctive allure. Some Cabot Trail waterfalls are more about the rugged, undeniably serene trip than the destination. Others have the ability to stop you in your tracks upon first sight. Cabot Shores, one of the premier Nova Scotia resorts, happens to be located near Indian Brook Falls, a challenging, yet undeniably reward hike. When you’re not relaxing in a chalet, paddling atop Church Pond, or dining on gourmet cuisine, please accept nature’s invitation into the backcountry en route to a towering, picturesque waterfall.

10 Jaw-Dropping Waterfalls on Cape Breton Island

Indian Brook Falls
Indian Brook (Widow’s Veil Falls)

“Waterfalling” has grown into one of the most desirable recreational activities amongst couples who have a penchant for adventure, spontaneity, and isolation. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and the isle itself, is home to a bevy of rivers, brooks, and creeks that weave and subtly descend toward the Atlantic Ocean. Slow erosion, over an innumerable amount of time, gave way to these natural wonders. Waterfalling is best combined with hiking, forest bathing, Geocaching, or birding. The journey to many of these waterfalls on Cape Breton Island is exceedingly lengthy; thus, an element of backpacking is often tossed into the fold. Without further ado, here are 10 of the prettiest waterfalls in Nova Scotia:

  1. Indian Brook Falls — A challenging, three-hour hike to the Great Falls from the Cabot Shores. The Brook has three falls, including the prominent Great Falls and Widow’s Veils Falls (as shown on the above). It’s about one hour and a half round trip to Widow’s Veils Falls.
  2. North River Falls — Backpacking at its finest. Mostly flat. It’s just you and nature. What a payoff! There’s also a shorter hike to the falls for those who only want a quick photo or two, and salmon fishing with a license.
  3. Uisge Bàn Falls — A leisurely stroll to a subtly beautiful fall. Uisge peacefully slips down the hill.
  4. Humes River Falls — Not easy to find. At 11.5 kilometres, years of hiking experience is required. Luckily, very few people know about this hidden gem.
  5. Mary Ann Falls — Please drive slowly as several potholes lie on the road to the fall. Mary Ann Falls is an idyllic swimming hole (as pictured above).
  6. Gillis Lake Falls — An easy walk down into a creek. Typically, only locals visit it.
  7. Myles Doyle Falls — This lengthy slide is particularly beautiful during autumn’s peak. Follow the ribbons that mark the path. Boy, it really gushes during spring!
  8. Egypt Falls — The property owners ask that you please be respectful of the land. It is currently not open to the public.
  9. Beulach Ban Falls — A quick roadside stop. The hiking trail that runs past Beulach Ban isn’t overly alluring at its beginning, but the 65-foot-tall falls are exceedingly gorgeous. Later, after visiting the Falls, go to the trail which has good views of the Asby Fault
  10. Still Brook Falls — A quiet place. Remember to pack a picnic. Still Brook flows into Black Brook Cove. Remains a bit of a mystery.

In-depth directions to and from Indian Brook, North River, and Mary Ann can be found on Dr. Paul’s article from January of 2015. For more information about guided and self-guided hikes, please fill out a booking inquiry form.

Mid-summer Cape Breton Getaways: Discover Cabot Shores

Photo of a Yurt near the Best Waterfalls on Cape Breton.

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