Water Adventures At Cabot Shores

Take in Cape Breton’s beautiful scenery from the water!

Glide through local lakes and ponds as you watch eagles soar and moose graze along the shoreline. At Cabot Shores, we’re all about exploring beautiful places to get away from it all, learning new skills, having once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, meeting great people and introducing you to an eco-friendly way of travel.

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Explore Church Pond and Indian Brook while gliding across the water and tour down North River and the Margaree.  You can go solo or take one of our double kayaks or fit a dog friend in with you for a pet adventure.

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6877812399 df4c774755 bYou only live once. Yolo Boards “Yolo” stands for “you only live once.”

It’s really another name for Stand Up Paddling (SUP).  It’s  basically a large stand up surf board with a paddle.

Like with the canoes and kayaks, you can explore Indian Brook, and Church Pond

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Canoe with a Friend

Give yourself the gift of canoeing with views of ocean birds, the occasional beaver, deer or moose

on shore.  Canoes hold 2-3 passengers…

Don’t want to canoe, kayak or yolo today?  There’s always the Eagle Feather  Ferry…


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Take The Eagle Feather Ferry