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Exploring Nova Scotia | Things to Do in Cape Breton

With its craggy cliff sides, captivating waterfalls, and beloved Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island is quite possibly Nova Scotia’s most picturesque and alluring vacation spot. Add to that a rich history, deep-rooted societal relevance, and world-class outdoor recreation opportunities along the Atlantic Ocean and in the mountainous Highlands, and Cape Breton is the ideal destination for a memorable vacation! We at Cabot Shores invite you to make yourself at home with us as you explore everything our beautiful island has to offer. To help you decide how to spend your time here, we put together a few things to do in Cape Breton to make your stay even more memorable.

Things to Do in Cape Breton during Your Nova Scotia Retreat

Although many of our guests are content with spending their time at our wilderness resort, we highly recommend and encourage you to immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty and cultural attractions that characterize Cape Breton. Part of what makes Cabot Shores special is our dedication to providing lasting memories, new experiences, and charming hospitality. Whether it’s our unique lodging options, locally sourced cuisine, wellness offerings, or innumerable adventures, something about our neck of the woods enthrals and enamours first and long-time visitors alike. Below we devised a brief guide to shed some light on the most prevalent things to do in Cape Breton. 

Local Art on Cape Breton Island

Given the immaculate landscapes found throughout Cape Breton, it’s easy to understand why so many artists come here to find inspiration. Less than 20 minutes from Cabot Shores, you’ll find an astonishing assortment of craftspeople and creatives. Here are a few we’ve shared on our website:

  • Piper Pewter – Across the street from Cabot Shores. Specialize in lead-free pewter products
  • Colouratura Fine Art Gallery – 1km from Cabot Shores. This former church-turned gallery also offers delicious homemade chocolate!
  • Iron Art and Photographs – 10 km from Cabot Shores. From photographs to sculptures, as well as functional and decorative ironwork for your home.
  • Leather Works – 2 km from Cabot Shores. A variety of leather goods, from belts to wallets, handmade on the premises.
  • Sew Inclined – 5km from Cabot Shores. Unique hats and clothing
  • Glass Artisans Gallery – 6km from Cabot Shores. Discover the intricate world of expressions in glasswork.
  • Wildfire Pottery – 8.5 km from Cabot Shores and featuring the artistry of Sarah Beck, along with a book store.

Cabot Trail

With nearly 300 kilometres of winding roads, pathways, and hiking corridors, the Cabot Trail is one of the most scenic roads in North America. Passing through Cape Breton Island National Park, the Cabot Trail encompasses a significant portion of the isle, allowing you to immerse yourself along the way. Whether you’re looking for the perfect hiking trail, picture-perfect panoramas, or just a breath of fresh air, the Cabot Trail lends itself to unrivalled discovery and exploration. 

An Idyllic Nova Scotia Resort on Cape Breton Island

Those of us fortunate enough to live here know it could take years to partake in all the things to do on Cape Breton Island, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying! There’s a reason that Cape Breton Island continually ranks among the world’s finest isles, and we love nothing more than showing visitors what the other locals and we have known for generations. For more information on how our wilderness retreat centre can serve as your base camp for adventure or make reservations, please reach out to us online or call 866-929-2584 today!

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