The Red Island Trail: Perfect for Swimming, Family Walks, and Trail Running

MacDonalds Big PondThe Red Island Trail is a close-to-home trail located about 3km from Cabot Shores. Only 4km in length and set up as a loop, Red Island Trail is easy to access, marked with a large entrance sign beside St. Ann’s United Church and Community Centre. 

Wonderfully accessible, the path is wide enough to walk side by side, and flat enough to wheel a stroller, if hiking with children. Red Island Trail is actually a great hike to do with children, holding their interest with changing vistas and two large water bodies: an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean and MacDonalds Big Pond. About halfway through the hike, a trail diversion provides access to a stone beach with a great view of the ocean — and the chance for a cooling swim.

A number of benches along the trail offer hikers the chance to sit and enjoy the view, or perhaps to have lunch.

Commonly seen wildlife along the trail include birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and frogs. This area is home to larger animals such as moose and bears, so it’s best to stay alert. 

Bring your bug spray! Damp days are particularly “buggy” and hikers without bug spray will have to move quickly to avoid being eaten! Ideally, the hike would be completed on a warm, sunny day to avoid the bugs.

This trail is perfect for trail runners, especially beginners. The terrain is a little uneven, but relatively flat. If anything, the bugs could be a good motivation to pick up your pace!




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