The Eagle Feather Ferry Is For All Ages… and Even for Dogs!

When we ask guests what they really like to do at Cabot Shores, we get some surprising

You’d think it would be walking into the Great Room of Whiff’s Lodge or looking at the ocean from any
of the 4 chalets…and these are often mentioned…

…but a lot of guests say, “The Eagle Feather Ferry” .

Here it is viewed from the air

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Seen from the air, the Eagle Feather crosses Church Pond to the Beach, just about 10 minute walk
from Whiff’s Lodge through the orchard to the edge of the Pond.

Whether a 91 year old woman

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or a band of kids

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or those of us in between in age

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there’s something magical about crossing the narrow strait of Church Pond and arriving at a long beach on the ocean, a natural
playground for old and young alike.