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Almost as soon as the ice has melted from the lakes, bays, brooks and bogs, I’ve got swimming on the brain. When can I jump, skip or dive into some (chilly) fresh water.  Cape Breton is absolutely filled with water sources, from the plethora of small ponds like our very own Church Pound, to the huge Bras D’Ore Lake and the North Atlantic Ocean and bays that surround us.  So almost as soon as I arrived here at Cabot Shores as a summer student staff member I started scouting out the best places to take a dip. And that is exactly what I’m about to share with you, my personal favorites.

Kayaking out to a swimming location on Church Pond
Kayaking out to a swimming location on Church Pond

The first is a short kayak away in the direction of the beaver dam.  The beach is right where Church Pond  and the North Atlantic meet.  It’s a patch of white sandy beach where you can admire both the fresh water scenery and the awesome power of the sea.  I won’t give you too much direction because the process of discovery is the best part!

A secret beach just a kayak away...
A secret beach just a kayak away…












The other place I want to share with you is a short hike away.  You need to follow the Indian Brook trail across the road until you reach a tree with a rope attached to help you down a rather steep hill.  From there you will walk on the rocky banks of the brook until the rocks eventually stop and a cliff emerges.  This is a beautiful spot and is completely hidden.






















So hopefully you can find these great places yourself if you come stay with us, or maybe you already have.  I’m sure if you explore enough you can even find other places too, because there are many.  Please if you do, tell me about them, ask for Katherine at the front desk and I’ll be happy to listen.

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