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Two band photos of Ben Miller, Anita MacDonald and Zakk Cormier

June 30th – We are kicking off our Summer music series with KitchenFest!

Come for a night of delicious food and traditional Gaelic music at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort Saturday, June 30!  KitchenFest! is a traditional music festival that showcases local musicians with music that is rooted in Gaelic tradition. Fidheall agus pìob, cuirmean-ciùil agus céilidhean, biadh agus deoch, Gàidhlig agus òrain, gairm-aighir agus dannsa, neo-fhoirmealachd agus aoigheachd …

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History of Cape Breton Island

Original Inhabitants Cape Breton Island’s first residents were likely Maritime Archaic natives, ancestors of the Mi’kmaq, the latter of whom inhabited the island at the time of European discovery. Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) reportedly visited the island in 1497 to become the first European explorer to visit present-day Canada. However, historians are unclear as to …

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