Summertime Gardening at Cabot Shores

Greetings Cabot Shores visitors and welcome to the garden blog. I’m Veronica from Toronto, Ontario: Cabot Shores Garden to Table intern for Summer 2015.

During the tour of the gardens upon my arrival at the beginning of July, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I’d be providing care, maintenance and love to 6 different garden plots hosting an exciting variety of edibles. Some of these include: Lettuce, peas, broccoli, tomatoes, kale and herbs to name a few.

I’m delighted to see how much the plants have grown since first introduction. I feel happy to know that my role here has contributed to such successful, delicious produce. I will not take full credit, but also wish to acknowledge father sky for the abundant rainfall and grandfather sun who has provided the soothing light to the gardens- both essential parts to the growing process.

Our luscious tomato plants…


A garden is a sacred space where spiritual plant energy is born, lives and thrives. It is full of wonderful creatures and visitors alike. Both plant and creature enjoy the occasional acknowledgement, conversation and song. Its especially important to thank the garden throughout the growing process & at any harvest. Thank the soil, the earthly elements and the spirits that watch over the gardens. All contribute to the sustenance and nutrients that we live and rely upon. Providing an offering and even performing a ceremony to honor and show respect and gratitude for each element and spirit who has assisted in the growth and maintenance of healthy plants is indeed appreciated.

Here is a preview of our beautiful broccoli.


My personal favourite were the garlic scapes, a cute and delicious curly hat that indicates the garlic is about to flower and the little scapies must be harvested. This hat looks to me like a roof to a small fairy house, which is suitable to the locale since fairy folklore makes an appearance in Cape Breton Folk tradition. I truly enjoyed viewing, harvesting and preparing them. Just delicious!


To view the rest or taste any, well you’ll just have to visit 😉

Stay tuned for additional posts and updates from future garden to table interns.



(Garden to Table intern summer 2015)

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