Road Scholar: Culture & Outdoor Adventure on Cape Breton Island

A group of Road Scholars gathered for a series of June of Adventures at Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  This was followed by an Intergenerational Program in July.  In September and October, two more sessions will be at Cabot Shores.

For the June retreat, the Road Scholars  hiked to waterfalls and along the Atlantic; had guided experiences in native Mi’kmaq and Gaelic culture; heard and made live music; ate local lobster and wood-fired pizza; did Qi Gong and laughing yoga, and learned about the local wildlife, both from land and on a trip to the Bird Islands, led by experienced local guides and experts.

They played hard and enjoyed the peaceful setting of Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort…


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Here is a short video saluting these Road Scholars, their guides and the fabulous place that is Cape Breton Island.



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