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Authentic Nova Scotia Music at the Cabot Trail Acoustic Festival

To say that music is woven into Cape Breton’s cultural heritage is somewhat of an understatement. For centuries, the isle’s inhabitants have shared songs about everything from their homeland to everyday life. In modern times, one of the best ways to celebrate these longstanding traditions is to come together for singing and dancing at Cabot Shores for the Cabot Trail Acoustic Festival on March 18th. 

The afternoon is full of open mic performances, songwriter circles, and good old-fashioned Cape Breton Jamming, with a three-course dinner starting at 6:00 p.m. and more live music with a concert evening starting at 7:30 p.m.

Things to Do on Cape Breton Island | Music & More

In addition to providing a wilderness retreat space for those with an adventurous spirit, Cabot Shores is no stranger to live music. We never shy away from facilitating unforgettable experiences, from weekend dinner concert series to annual events. Given what we know about the local history, it’s not surprising that attending concerts is among the most popular things to do on Cape Breton Island.

Cabot Shores Background

Cabot Shores is an intriguing getaway destination because of the combination of activities, no matter the time of the year. You can spend your morning cycling along the countryside, return to the resort for an organic gourmet meal, listen to some live music, and end your day with a soak in a hot tub or a refreshing sauna session. And the best part is, you’ll have a comfortable place to stay after a night of fun!

What to Expect at The Cabot Trail Acoustic Festival

Musicians on hand include jazz artists Janet Bickerton on vocals and guitar, Shelley Allen on vocals and guitar and percussion, and acclaimed pianist  Marcel Aucoin. More on Janet and Shelley at this link. Joining in the fun also is the talented John Aylward, who will sing while playing his handcrafted bass. So it will be a mix of jazz, Celtic, and Irish music—after all, it’s the weekend after St. Paddy’s Day—and Aylward is an ace at playing Irish music!

Cape Breton Lodging | Unique Places to Stay on the Cabot Trail

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Whether you adore playing instruments, singing, or simply like to relax and listen, you’ll feel at home at Cabot Shores. And with a new generation of talented artists rejuvenating the local scene with acoustic roots, Celtic, and folk music, we invite you to be a part of it all! 

The Cabot Trail Acoustic Festival is a popular attraction, so it’s not a bad idea to book your stay sooner than later! Musicians, bring your favorite instrument and a song to your heart, or if you just want to hum along, that’s fine too! Either way, Cabot Shores has a place for you with easy access to everything you need for the ultimate wilderness experience. Contact us today to find out more!

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