Hot Tubs at Cabot Shores

Ask our guests about their favourite way to relax while visiting Cabot Shores and they will begin to speak enthusiastically about our hot tubs!  Most of our accommodations have a hot tub right on the patio or deck; however, some of our smaller yurts and some of our off-grid yurts and domes require guests to make a short walk to the nearest tub. To be sure, the walk is never more than a few metres and guests are provided with robes to keep them cozy on their stroll.

Eagle Dome Hot Tub scaled
Eagle Dome and Cedar Hot Tub on Deck

Cedar Tubs

Our Japanese Ofuro Cedar Soaking Tubs are arguably the most relaxing hot tub style found at Cabot Shores. These tubs are heated to 104 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit either by electricity or a wood burning stove and emit an earthy cedar aroma as the water warms. They comfortably seat two adult guests (and possibly their children) and are located throughout the resort. Many of our accommodations have a cedar tub on the deck: Eagle, Blue Heron, and Apple Domes, Tiny House, and some of our ground-level Lodge Rooms. In addition, cedar tubs are found on our Sauna Deck, on the Lodge deck, and between the Big Red and Little Blue Yurts. Occasionally, these cedar tubs are moved between accommodations to better serve our guests.

Tiger Yurt Hot Tub scaled
Tiger Yurt with Soft Tub on Deck

Soft Tubs

The Soft Tubs are so named not because they are inflatable, but because of the Soft Tub brand. These hot tubs are a more traditional hot tub in that they are powered by electricity. Small soft tubs are interspersed throughout Cabot Shores — on the decks of Tiger Yurt, White Moon Yurt, Forest Yurt, and another small soft tub adjacent to Little Sky Yurt. Larger soft tubs are on the decks of Red Dragon Yurt and the Studio Loft Event Space. Among these hot tubs, White Moon and Forest Yurts offer the most private settings, perfect for honeymoon getaways.

Traditional Hot Tubs

When traveling with a large group of people, a traditional hot tub might be the most appropriate selection. Cabot Shores has several large hot tubs — just outside the Lodge Common Room, as well as on the decks of our three guest Chalets. (See image heading this blog post.)

Sauna Deck with Two Cedar Hot Tubs


For two guests, the add-on fee for a hot tub is $55 per night, while the add-on fee for groups of three or more guests is $75 per night. Hot tubs are also included in a many of the packages Cabot Shores offers. The Honeymoon Package, the Wellness Package, and the Make Summer Awesome Package each feature hot tubs, bundling them with guest lodging and other amenities to save guests money and the stress of vacation planning.

There is nothing as relaxing as soaking in a Cedar Tub while listening to evening birdsong and gazing up at the stars. Don’t miss it!


Forest Yurt Hot Tub scaled
Forest Yurt with Soft Tub on Deck
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