Family Retreat – Action and Peace & Quiet!

Mums and Dads and kids spent the weekend exploring the many delights that Cabot Shores has to offer with an action… and stillness… packed schedule. After yummy self serve breakfasts, which catered admirably for everyone’s different preferences for getting up – early or a bit later, the morning offered the grown-ups the peaceful opportunity for some mindful meditation practice followed by Qi-Gong led by Barbara.


Meanwhile, under the energetic and playful guidance of Nicky, the kids tied themselves in knots practising their best yoga poses to much giggling and delight – as well as some serious balancing!


Knowing that children are endlessly curious and demanding Nicky had also organizing painting and craft projects to ensure Mum and Dad enjoyed precious moments of down time from parenting…. bliss! And with lunch and dinner also catered for there was also much needed down time from catering and housework… pure bliss!!


In the afternoon, Paul guided everyone on an adventure hike, scrambling over winter’s fallen branches and pushing past the buds breaking out on branches with the promise of leaves to come, up to a look out over North River. And then back through the woods, along the river’s edge, to the campground and the wonderful sight of a Bald Eagle waiting patiently for fish on the beach.


Then more yoga, this time for adults outdoors overlooking the pond and ocean beyond, while the kids were again creatively engaged.


And as if that wasn’t enough to tire out the kids they enjoyed an evening listening to music from Paul on the trombone and dancing beautifully while Katie played the fiddle and the adults chatted personably in the background before everyone collapsed happily exhausted in bed.

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