Cape Breton In May: You never know who shows up…Europeans, lobsters & eagles…

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French Mom Audrey & Son Jules in RV


May is an interesting month here; one of the few times in the year, when guests just seem to arrive without prior reservations.  Many are Europeans who, disliking crowds, prefer to travel in the off-season. At this time, the majority of these travel by van, camper or mega-camper.  This is a phenomenon we’ve observed in other years and we thought we’d acknowledge these brave travelers who venture out not knowing where they will sleep each night or whether they can even find a place that’s open at this time of year.  In the past few weeks we’ve had folks from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, France, and the United Kingdom…

When they find us, they set up in a spot with an ocean view   6299727158 d4e73bacdd s

get hooked up to electricity and water, and are semi-independent: They have their privacy in the vehicle, but also have access to Cabot Shores’ common room, WiFi, a library, hot showers, laundry, Bistro, and on rainy days, can relax in our big room with a fire going in the hearth. For those wanting to treat themselves further, a sauna and private massage & acupuncture are also available.

Here, too, they discover the natural world of Cape Breton.    Guests have access to  walking trails, kayaks to explore Church pond,  and fantastic starry night skies and full moon over the ocean…


Skies & Wildlife

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Full Moon over the Atlantic
Eagle on nearby Spruce
Eagle on Spruce Tree (photos by Dr. Tanja Stallmann)




The open expanse of water and sky, seabirds,including the many eagles that fly by and land nearby  all day long,

 All Things Lobster

One of the most interesting things these guests get to experience is All Things Lobster. Yes, it’s lobster season in this part of Cape Breton. For the next two months, local lobster boats make their daily rounds, collecting 200-250 lobsters from the traps they set up and down the coast right in front of Cabot Shores. These guests enjoy seeing the boats come into Little River Harbour around noon and then pick up a fresh catch for that night’s dinner. Boiled, served with melted butter

Jenessa lobster fishwoman
Lobster fishing off Cape Breton

and a couple of salads – an unforgettable, tasty treat!  You can enjoy such treats at the Cabot Shores’ Bistro and learn more about the lobster fishing family, the MacInnes on our video.

Although they miss the bustling and interactive summer experience here, some of these guests allow themselves to fully arrive, stay a bit, and relax into a more quiet space before moving on to explore different parts of Canada.

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“You have the unique skill of making your guests feel like they are lifetime friends. Thank you fo rletting us share your wonderful property” – the Porters, UK