Cabot Shores: Home to the Finest Cape Breton Chalets

Finding the perfect chalet in Canada that fits your family’s size, style, and budget like a puzzle piece is no small task. However, a trip up to Nova Scotia’s award-winning Cabot Shores will assuredly be the best decision that you make this summer. Cabot Shores is widely celebrated for its environmentally-conscious practices, geodesic domes, and 55-acre private sanctuary. The bottom line is that there’s never been a more enticing time to visit breathtaking Cape Breton Island, particularly for those who value an extended stay in a rustic yet distinctly Nova Scotian chalet. Luckily for you, Cabot Shores boasts the finest Cape Breton chalets, all of which can be utilized throughout the year.

The Best Cape Breton Chalets | The Chalet Lifestyle

Photo of One of Our Wooded Cape Breton Chalets.

Today’s hospitality buzzwords include cleanliness, isolation, remote, beauty, and seclusion (among many others). In a way, this five-word collection perfectly encapsulates the chalet lifestyle that’s readily obtainable at Cabot Shores, one of the most luxurious glamping sites in the country. Yes, our secluded, restorative haven features yurts, domes, a farmhouse, a lodge, and sprawling tenting acreage. Still, there’s just something superlative about spending a week or two inside one of premier handcrafted Cape Breton chalets. 

First and foremost, our wooden chalets exude simplicity, charm, and comfort, with equal dashes of modernity and hinterland. Secondly, each chalet has an optional hot tub on the deck that peers out toward the Atlantic. It’s quite common to see guests basking in the hot tub around dusk with a glass of wine in hand. The chalet lifestyle should include home-cooked meals, coffee on the deck, stargazing, s’mores, roasted weenies, and picnics on the lawn.

Explore the Cabot Trail

Photo of a Canoe on the Water near Cabot Shores, Home to the Finest Cape Breton Chalets.

Cabot Shores’ overall appeal is equal parts outdoor adventure, gourmet cuisine, utter isolation, and distinctive lodging. At the end of the day, most visitors value our private acreage and proximity to the island’s best exploratory pursuits. Upon arrival, guests have instant access to a wide variety of watercrafts, such as kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. An abundance of hiking trails, fishing honey holes, and hidden caches are also within reach. All of these potential mid-day activities are within walking distance of the chalets.

The island itself is known as a paddler’s playground, hiker’s paradise, and angler’s sanctum. And, because the Atlantic Ocean is so close to our small fleet of Cape Breton chalets, many travellers explore the coastline after a short voyage aboard the property’s Eagle Feather Ferry.

A Well-Deserved Summertime Escape

Provincial and national parks are beginning to re-open for hiking, native birding, and geocaching—stay informed by visiting this website often. Cabot Shores’ Bistro, meanwhile, remains open for delivery for those who opt to not use their chalet kitchen. Breakfast and a two- or three-course dinner can be delivered. Much of the menu comes from the on-site gardens and orchards, as well as fresh-off-the-boat lobster through mid-July. Whether you aim to plan a much-needed digital detox, glamping getaway, or wellness retreat, Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail might be precisely what the family needs right now. Please give us a call today at 866-929-2584 to learn more about our Cape Breton chalets, dome camping, and yurts. Click the links below to learn more about our on-going efforts to combat coronavirus, as well as other fun material!

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