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Cape Breton Adventures | Camping in Nova Scotia

Over the years, Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort has become widely recognized as one of North America’s premier retreat destinations. Part of that is because of the work we’ve put into weaving our passions throughout the property. Furthermore, Cape Breton Island’s natural beauty has also played an integral role in achieving such an honourable status amongst outdoor enthusiasts. From the ruggedly beautiful shores of St. Ann’s Bay to the flowing cascades of Indian Brook Falls, paddlers, cyclists, and hikers all have a home in our neck of the woods. One of the resort’s most unique features is the various options you have for a quintessential Nova Scotia camping experience. 

Cabot Trail | Camping on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island

Whether you prefer an innovative dome, a traditional yurt, or a rustic campsite, Nova Scotia camping on Cape Breton Island is something you won’t soon forget. Known around the resort as “Treetop Village,” we have an assortment of geodesic domes that are ensconced upon an elevated deck to give you an excellent vantage point of the ocean, Bird Islands, and the Cape Breton Highlands. If falling asleep as you look at the night sky sounds appealing, then we highly recommend reserving a yurt. Finally, for those seeking a few nights alongside the calming sounds of the Indian Brook River, our campsites are second to none! Be sure to check out one of our previous blogs to find out which accommodations come with a hot tub!

Fun and Relaxation | Camping Nova Scotia

Camping in Nova Scotia is exemplified by exploration, discovery, and becoming one with nature amid the whispering woods and an abundance of tranquillity at every corner. Part of what makes our “Cape Breton campgrounds” so appealing is the island’s status as a four-season recreational area. Our gorgeous slice of paradise lends itself to a whole gamut of outdoor activities, from cross country skiing to kayaking. Furthermore, we present an eclectic collection of life wellness and healing arts activities that will help awaken your senses and recharge your energies. Take the stress out of planning your itinerary by perusing our specials to create the ultimate Nova Scotia camping package.

Cabot Trail Camping | Nova Scotia Resorts

A traditional Mongolian yurt, one of the many ways to enjoy camping in Nova Scotia at Cabot Shores.

Camping in Nova Scotia is an idyllic outdoor endeavour that allows you to connect with nature without staying at a dull, crowded campground. From luxurious yurts to traditional campsite, Cabot Shores promises to deliver an unforgettable retreat. What’s more, you’ll be delighted to learn that we also provide an extensive culinary experience featuring organic ingredients and locally sourced produce, whether inside the Cabot Shores Bistro or among the woods. For more information or to book a reservation, please contact us online or call 866-929-2584.

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