Destination Nova Scotia: Camping on the Cabot Trail

Nova Scotia is known as an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. From whale watching on Cape Breton’s coast to discovering waterfalls while hiking, the adventures are endless, especially for those who book their stay at Cabot Shores. One of the most memorable adventures you can enjoy in Nova Scotia is camping along the Cabot Trail.

Driving along this famous corridor means you’re surrounded by old-growth forests, hidden beaches, and thundering waterfalls. With so many unique stops to discover along the way, take your time to appreciate everything that makes this highway special.

What Is the Cabot Trail?

The Cabot Trail is a majestic pathway that slices for 298km through the Nova Scotian wilderness. There are many options for camping along this route, which takes you through quaint fishing villages and drips with ocean views that look like they were digitized for a screensaver.

This route is known as one of the most scenic drives on the planet. While you could drive the entirety of the trail in one day, the only way to discover the beauty of the Cabot Trail is to take your time and stretch out your drive.

3 Places to Stop on the Cabot Trail

There is no shortage of things to do and see when driving along the Cabot Trail. Stretch your legs for a bit by hiking a trail, going on a whale watching tour, or wandering local shops. 

A couple of outdoor enthusiasts enjoy stargazing from a hot-tub while parking in a luxury camping experience along the Cabot Trail.

You also pass through charming towns, each with a unique personality, including:

  1. Cheticamp – When on Cape Breton, the town of Cheticamp is an ideal place to begin your Cabot Trail journey. This place is close to Cape Breton Highlands National Park and, as such, maintains its remote feel while providing adventurers with options of where to stop and eat.
  2. Pleasant Bay – This small fishing community inside the park is where many of the area’s whale-watching tours depart from. Pleasant Bay is also near the trailheads of many premier hiking trails, so it is well worth at least an overnight stay and potentially more.
  3. Baddeck – The village of Baddeck is known for being one of the starting points of the Cabot Trail. Found along the shores of Bras d’Or Lake, this spot is known for its tranquil beauty. Some of the best things to do when in town include boating and visiting historical sites.

Reserve Your Accommodations at Cabot Shores

To say that Cabot Shores caters to all camping on the Cabot Trail doesn’t do this wilderness resort enough justice. Any camping area that offers yurts, domes, and chalets, along with traditional campsites right next to Indian Brook, will stand out as a highlight of your Cabot Trail trip. Staying at our resort means you’re surrounded by the nature Nova Scotia is known for but with incredible amenities like on-site dining and memorable activities. Call 866-929-2583 to learn more about our resort, or visit us online.