Cabot Shores on the Weather Network

We had so much fun a few months ago when Nathan Coleman of the Weather Network came to visit, bringing with him his cameraman brother and their father, the talented artist Ed Coleman.

Nathan had hoped to make Cabot Shores home base while he captured wintertime yurt camping and outdoor Cabot Trail adventures, but the weather had other plans. Rain made things look more like spring than winter at times!

Still, Nathan had a great time touring Cabot Shores’ yurts, learning about the unique architecture and weather-proofing of our authentic Mongolian yurts, enjoying a pop-up concert by singer/song writer Dylan Devoe, with Dr. Paul providing trombone accompaniment.

In the end, Nathan produced what we think is a pretty great little video about Cabot Shores. See if you think so too! You can view it here.

Nathan’s dad Ed went away with some photographs of Cabot Shores and before long, sent back images of beautiful paintings he’d created to commemorate his visit.

We hear that Nathan and more of his family are planning a return visit later this summer season. We’ll be sure to let you know what they get up to this time around!

Ed Coleman Art


IMG 0211



















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