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Cabot Shores rated one of the coolest places to go glamping in Canada

Glamping on the Cabot Trail?

Glamping in Treehouse Domes
Glamping Treehouse Domes

Emma Reddington from Chatelaine has named Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort one of
“the coolest places to go glamping in Canada”

“Not a fan of roughing it in the wilderness? From posh tents to tree houses, here’s where to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.

If camping just isn’t for you, it’s getting easier and easier to escape to the back country with the promise of a king-size bed and a roaring fire at the other end. We’ve rounded up the coolest glamping spots in Canada:

Cabot Shores, Nova Scotia

From fully furnished chalets to geodesic domes and yurts, there is an accommodation for every type of camper here. But one of the coolest on offer? The Treetop Village, which is composed of geodesic domes on high stilts so you can sleep among the trees. Each dome offers something different — breathtaking views of the Atlantic, famous views of the full moon and stars. Don’t forget to visit the private beach while you’re there, too.”

View the rest of the list here.

Published in Chatelaine

by Emma Reddington Updated Aug 17, 2017



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