The Best Rated Nova Scotia Hotels: USA Today Travel Picks Cabot Shores

David Harris writes in USA Today Travel Tips of the attractions of Nova Scotia, from Halifax to the  Cape Breton Highlands.

Harris says that Nova Scotia has “fine and unique hotels,”  and then selects what he considers as the Best Rated Nova Scotia Hotels.

Cabot Shores is mentioned as one of three Nova Scotia best rated hotels, and the only one mentioned from Cape Breton Island.

We are grateful that Nova Scotia is getting such extensive press these days and that Cabot Shores is mentioned in the article.

We congratulate Calvin Wadden, owner of Pictou Lodge, a place we refer our guests often in transit to Prince Edward Island.

The Cabot Shores Team offers thanks  to journalist David Harris, our guests, to the St. Ann”s community  and to  readers of the website/blog/newsletter for your support and for spreading the word that Cape Breton Island is  the jewel of Nova Scotia.

Here is a link to the complete article. in USA Today Travel Tips


3 thoughts on “The Best Rated Nova Scotia Hotels: USA Today Travel Picks Cabot Shores

  1. Congratulations Paul and Barbara and the wonderful team at Carbot Shores for making it onto the Top Three rankings on USA Today Travel Tips. Your hard work and persistence has paid off. I am sure many wonderful things will come your way in 2012.
    David Ahokare (all the way from Papua New Guinea)

  2. David,

    Thank you so much for your good wishes for 2012. We hope you can make the long journey to Cape Breton
    all the way from Papua, New Guinea. It will be worth the trip I’m sure…

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