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The MacAskill Sisters Return to Cape Breton to Cook Lobster at Cabot Shores

Amazing Cape Breton Lobsters Bring The MacAskills to Cabot Shores and to their childhood home of Englishtown on Cape Breton.


St Ann’s Bay and Englishtown aren’t just know for lobster but the MacAskill’s have a storied past.


The giant MacAskill was billed as the strongest man in the world and starred at Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus.  Of mythic size, Angus MacAskill   was 7 feet 49 inches tall and weighed over 500 pounds.  He lifted an anchor weighing over 2800 pounds and lifted a horse over a four foot fence.


The Giant MacAskill and His Cape Breton Farmily

Jaime and Jenna Macaskill grew up around gathering and cooking “amazing” Cape Breton lobsters and this summer they are cooking at Cabot Shores.

Their Dad, John, is out on a lobster boat out of Little River and





Two sisters with the last name Makas Return Home to Gather and Cook Cape Breton Lobsters and Mussels

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