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Cabot Shores Romantic Getaways on Cape Breton Island

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can’t help but think about how romantic our spot on Cape Breton can be during winter—especially for couples who love spending time together in nature. Exploring the isle with outdoor adventures, cuddling next to a fire, and sharing delightful meals with that special someone are the pillars on which Cabot Shores stands as an ideal destination for those looking to celebrate their adoration for each other. 

Cape Breton Island: A World-Class Scenic Destination

Imagine a better stage for romance than waking up to the sounds of nature outside your door, surrounded by beautiful sprawling woodlands—and that’s just on our property. With easy access to the Cabot Trail, you can discover everything Cape Breton Island offers and more. So whether finding a secluded trail amid the forest to pay homage to the explorers and First Nations people before us or rekindling your love on the resort grounds with flirtatious outdoor fun, Cabot Shores is your gateway to a memorable shared experience. As a bonus, when the sky is clear at night, the endless constellations provide a natural backdrop and celestial spectacle that no one can ignore.

Culinary Excellence for Two

Cabot Shores Bistro Best Pic

A proper Cape Breton getaway at Cabot Shores wouldn’t be as fulfilling without a culinary journey teeming with fresh local ingredients and authenticity. The Cabot Shores Bistro has everything you crave with a delicious fusion of flavors. Each meal will be a micro-celebration of love and shared moments catering to various tastes, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Unique Accommodations

Our yurt and dome accommodations add to the romance by allowing you and your other half to share a unique winter glamping experience beneath the stars. But before settling in for the night, be sure to delve into the excitement of a live musical performance by one of our special guests or join in on one of our legendary jam sessions.

Sharing the Wellness Benefits of the Healing Arts

At Cabot Shores, the focus on wellness amplifies the romantic experience. Start your day with a morning meditation, Qi Gong, and the soothing warmth of a hot tub or sauna session to rejuvenate your spirits. The healing arts here go beyond the ordinary. It’s not just a wellness vacation; it’s a chance to reconnect and revitalize together.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Valentine’s Getaway Packages

Winter Holidays: An aerial view of Cabot Shores in winter.

Embedded in the idyllic and serene nature of Cape Breton Island, Cabot Shores is a destination unlike any other for a romantic getaway. Whether you glamp in a dome or yurt, indulge in culinary delights, explore the isle, or awaken your senses with holistic and mindful practices, you’ll soon realize why so many couples have made visiting us a Valentine’s Day tradition. And thanks to our Valentine’s Getaway packages, you can ignite romance and let the beauty of Cape Breton put a similar spell on you. Plan your escape today.

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