Participation in Nova Scotia’s “proof of vaccine” policy and other public health measures

COVID-19 presents challenges for all of us. We are taking precautions to ensure Cabot Shores is a safe place for both our guests and our staff. All our staff are fully vaccinated and expected to follow current Nova Scotia Public Health guidelines.

As a non-essential service, we are following Nova Scotia’s “proof of vaccine policy,” requiring all guests 12 years and older to be fully vaccinated for visits taking place on or after October 4, 2021.

When you arrive at Cabot Shores, we will ask you to sign a statement indicating your willingness to follow Nova Scotia’s current public health guidelines. Please feel free to ask us for a copy of this statement ahead of your visit so that you can let us know in advance whether you have concerns about signing such a statement.

All of us are doing our best during this challenging time and we appreciate your help in making sure we continue to be a safe place for our guests and for our staff.

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