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Cabot Trail Acoustic Festival at Cabot Shores, NSIn Cape Breton, music is our culture, and culture is our music. At Cabot Shores, you’ll be surrounded by both. For instance, every Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7:30pm, you can join in a Ceilidh at St. Ann’s United Church (just minutes away) hosted by the fantastic fiddler, David Paprizian. You can also see him playing in the local group, Rocky Shores.

Cabot Shores has become a hub for music along the Cabot Trail, with notable musicians like Buddy MacDonald and Jennifer Roland and of course, Rocky Shores, taking the stage. Young and talented newcomers like Rosie Mackenzie and Johnny Muise and recent East Coast Music Award performers like the Heartwood Slacks have provided both traditional celtic and original folk acoustic music.

Now Cabot Shores is the home of the Cabot Trail Acoustic Festival, which will have concerts many Saturday nights during the season and a full blown Cabot Trail Acoustic Festival from July 26-28th. The profits of these events go to the Good Health Festival Society, whose mission is Well-being Through Adventure (especially Well-Being Through Music!). To learn more and to order tickets, click here.

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  1. My mom is and expat in the states and we visit Inverness and area every couple years. This is our bucket year tour. Your website has been informative and refreshing. Thanks for you and your investment. Steve from Raleigh, NC USA

  2. Hi

    I did not see any availability listing for the wilderness yurt or tipi. Are those available the weekend of June 9-11?

    Also, how much is a campsite? Are reservations necessary for camping?

    What tour operator do you recommend for Puffin viewing?

  3. HI,

    The wilderness yurt won’t be available till we put a new yurt on it-by July. Will let you know when that’s done. The Tipi we have is going to be used going forward for ceremonies.

    I recommend Donelda’s Puffin tours. It’s only 10km from here and she is the best, most knowledgable operator, in my opinion.

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