Bill Conall Concert & Jam at Cabot Shores on March 31st

First time I met Bill Conall, he wondered into Cabot Shores to see author/musician and composer Dave Doucette play from his new CD.  The house was just about empty but somehow Doucette got encouraged just by the way Bill listened intently to his music.  He sipped home-made vegetable soup and later a beer, but you had the feeling he didn’t miss a note or nuance of Doucette’s story  full lyrics…

And since then, Dr. Paul  plays music with him regularly at the Kitchen Party (that would be me on trombone and harmonica) twice a month at the Gaelic Singers Hall in Breton Cove and has gotten to know him a bit at the Cabot Shores’ New Year’s Levee and other events.

It’s easy to agree with author Glenda Thornton who says:

“[Conall has] a brilliant way of looking inside a person and seeing the beauty and humanity hidden there.”

Lucky for us, Bill has accepted an invitation to perform and jam at Cabot Shores next in the Feast/Concert/Jam/Adventure series that is a regular Saturday night feature of Cabot Shores during winter and early spring, starting at 6pm, March 31st with the Feast, concert at 8PM.  You can get a discount by rsvp at 902 929 2584 or by booking online.

Here’s some more info on Bill Conall, who has moved from Ontario, to British Columbia and now lives nearby along the Cabot Trail:


Bill Conall ( as described when he did showcase at Cabot Trail Writers’ Festival)


BILL CONALL is an acoustic musician and composer and writer. Most of his songs are strongly visual, so it is not surprising that his performances also feature the presentation of bits of poetry, along with artfully-told original stories. To date, he has recorded two albums of original music.

Bill describes himself as “an occasional victim of poetry”. His short fiction has been published in several Canadian magazines, and in the anthology Shorelines. His first book, The Rock in the Water (Hidden Book Press), was published in 2009, and shortlisted for the 2010 Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour.



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