Champion Australian Surfer, Cold Water and Cabot Shores

Competitive surfing is not for the faint of heart. Cold-water surfing?… now that takes a special kind of courage. The kind that drives champion surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons, who visited Nova Scotia to test herself against the frigid water of the North Atlantic. We had the pleasure to host Sally, her Dad, and her documentary film …

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Music & Culture

In Cape Breton, music is our culture, and culture is our music. At Cabot Shores, you’ll be surrounded by both. For instance, every Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7:30pm, you can join in a Ceilidh at St. Ann’s United Church (just minutes away) hosted by the fantastic fiddler, David Paprizian. You can also see him playing in the local group, Rocky Shores.
Cabot Shores has become a hub for music along the Cabot Trail, with notable musicians like Buddy MacDonald and Jennifer Roland and of course, Rocky Shores, taking the stage. Young and talented newcomers like Rosie Mackenzie and Johnny […]

Breathing Easy – Aspiring To Be Fragrance/Scent-Free

Many scents are created with unnatural, man-made chemicals. As a result, many guests (and staff) are sensitive to them. These scents are found in daily items, such as personal care products and perfumes, laundry & dish soaps, dryer sheets, and cleaning products.
Symptoms of sensitivities can include wheezing, difficulty breathing, a sense of heaviness in the chest, a feeling of panic, scratchy throat and nose, itchy, watering eyes, fatigue and more. A lot of people experience these symptoms, but don’t know the cause.
While removing oneself from exposure to such products can help to reduce the symptoms, once a person is exposed, […]